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The complete range of quality plants

Greenworld Nursery is key plant supplier to the NSW wholesale nursery and landscaping industry. We have established our position in this industry through our dedication to supplying the best quality plants at the best pricing available – and we have built our business on the principle that the client comes first | company profile

The primary service we offer is the sourcing and supply of a complete range of quality plants. While we often work closely with the landscaping industry we do not actually directly provide landscaping services, although we can put clients in touch with many leading NSW and ACT landscape architects, designers and landscapers if you require additional services.

No limitations

At Greenworld Nursery we are able to offer an unrivaled range of plant varieties and sizes due to our integrated nursery operations and established network of quality growers and suppliers. We don’t like to place limitation on what we can or can’t supply – instead we strive to fill any order we receive with the highest quality plants available | more on our nursery and plants

What’s different about Greenworld Nursery?

1. Our ability to both propagate and grow-on plants

We have three nursery sites, with separate sites for propagation and growing on of more advanced stock. These operations allow us to directly provide a wide range of quality plants. We can propagate and grow to order, produce bulk screening and hedging plants and quickly grow on stock into advanced and super-advanced size. This means when we receive an order for an entire landscaping project – from grasses right up to advanced trees we are in the best position to quickly and efficiently fill the entire order | more on our nursery

2. Our ability to source a complete range of plants

Our network of leading nurseries and growers allows us to source almost any plant in any size and number. If your order requires rare or hard to find varieties we have the best chance of knowing exactly where to find them.

3. Our ability to source cold climate varieties

We have developed alliances with several cold climate nurseries – including Yarralumla Nursery in Canberra. This allows us to offer cold climate plants on a regular basis to the Sydney markets. We run twice-weekly deliveries to and from Sydney and Canberra via the Southern Tablelands.

4. Our dedicated plant transport

Our regular plant freight service between Sydney and Canberra is provided by Plant Freight Transport. Their expertise in plant freight means that our stock always arrives in the best condition. Plant Freight Transport conducts regular freight runs so our clients can get their orders faster, and more frequently.

Plants for private landscaping projects

We are currently extending our services to include property owners and developers looking for large scale plant supply to landscape their large scale projects. To property owners who are looking to develop prestige / feature gardens and other extensive landscaping projects we offer our expertise in supplying everything from massed grasses and hedging through to one-off advanced designer trees. If you want the landscaping on your property to transform it into a show piece we can supply exactly the planting scheme you are after – without compromise.

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